Why Visitor Management System is the Most Trending Thing Nowadays?

why vms is the most trending

A change is not always bad, in fact, the reality is that for better or worse, change is a must in every domain. That’s the reason why the latest and trending things become the talk of the town in very little time. A VMS is a perfect example if we talk about trending things in 2020. Wish to know why it is trending among corporates? Then sit back, relax, and keep reading our article till the end.

Nowadays, a visitor management system is a useful tool that businesses of all kinds can use to keep better track of their customers. This is especially important for small or big organizations that organize a lot of conferences and other industry events where numerous visitors arrive at their office premises.

As we all know that first impression matters! That’s why a VMS is a great choice to modernize your front desk. It will not only digitalize your reception area but will also enhance your workplace security. Take a bit of time to consider what are the features available in the visitor management system that makes it the most trending thing in 2020.

“Have a taste for the new change if the guest logbook is your current reception management solution”.

Pre-Approval Based Entry

The pre-approved entry of visitors is one of the major features in a VMS that makes it so trending in the corporate world. A visitor management software solution can help a company to resourcefully handle the processes of registering and guiding visitors to their premises. With a digital VMS, your visitors don’t have to enter details manually because of its digital nature.

The pre-approving feature in a visitor management system is one of the ways through which the host can pre-approve their visitor entry so that their visitor needs not to enter any details and can check-in just by an OTP verification. Moreover, controlling visitor’s access to the premises and being aware of who’s in the building at any given point in time is also very necessary these days.

Touchless entry/exit

With this unique and fully digital service, your visitors can self-check-in through their mobile. They don’t have to enter details manually in the register. Self-check-in available along with Face detection and QR Scanning for unlimited visitors can be done through a VMS so that you can welcome your visitors in a smart and touchless way.

Digital log-book

The next most enchanting feature of a VMS which makes it so trending is its digital log-book feature. Managing a manual log-book or registers is a difficult process and sometimes it becomes more complex to read details of the visitors on the entry register because of the handwriting. But with a VMS you can easily check and read your visitor’s details

Handwriting is usually difficult to decrypt, you cannot easily read visitor entries. In addition, some visitors may not fill their entry completely or even write gibberish.

Affordable solution for organizations

The cost of human resources to manage data entry logs, retrieve and analyze data properly is expensive; Let alone the cost of supply and storage. Going paperless and having a visitor management system in place is the easiest way to save money and go green.

Keep track of your visitors from anywhere

If you have multiple office locations that have record logs, then you lack a central configuration and control system. Approximately, there is almost no tracking or reporting happening centrally.

Whereas, having a visitor management system can record the use of facilities by specific visitors and provide documentation of the visitor’s whereabouts in one place.

Maintain your workplace safety with advanced facilities

A quick glance at your dashboard can help with an efficient evacuation, otherwise, the logbook makes it almost impossible to identify who is present at the office premises. In addition, with badge printing, visitor photos, and a real-time dashboard, you’ll always know who is entering the premises.

About XeDigital

XeDigital is our touchless Visitor Management System with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Facial Recognition integration to manage the entry and exit of your visitors. our VMS developed by our team of experts. The following are the core features of our Touchless VMS:

  1. Touchless Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition
  2. Real-Time Access Control
  3. Send and Receive Invitees
  4. Host Notifications.
  5. Approval Based Entry
  6. Manage entry/exit
  7. Analysis & Report.
  8. Company Branding
  9. Badge Printing
  10. Pre-approval based entry
  11. Government ID upload using camera image
  12. Item/Product image upload using camera image

This hi-tech software is a proficient yet reasonable visitor management software that can help in improving your firm’s front desk as well as welcoming every guest in a unique way. According to a report, many organizations have switched their manual visitor management system to a digital VMS. So, when were you? If you want to get a 1-month free trial on the visitor management system then XeDigital is a perfect choice for you.

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XeDigital is a SAAS-based software that enables you with advanced features that allow visitors to check-in and check out in a touchless way. This fully digital system works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through which guests can self-check-in along with face detection and QR-enabled code. It is a more intelligent way to greet guests at your workplace, school, office, hospital, and other locations.

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