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Workforce Management Software to Automates your HR & Administrative Tasks

Build a better, more effective working day for your teams in the field with India’s one of the best Digital Identity Management System. provides a great foundation for driving digital transformation & greater efficiency across your enterprise. Seamlessly Manage Complete Identity Lifecycle of Your Employees

  • Mobilize: Give your workers everything they need to get the job done via an app with astounding results
  • Optimize: With adaptive workforce, You will be able to make sense of the chaos & build an effective reduction in frontline costs
  • Analyse: Analytics will help you capture & make sense of this information to deliver operational excellence, now and in the future

Workforce Management Software for the Best Employee Experience

Our cloud-based HR software has a number of functionalities, including Workflow Management, Payroll, and Attendance. XeDigital also helps in handling the payroll, leaves, attendance records, location logs, and other features of staff management. The HR can easily export all reports with a single click from the authorized devices only.Start with the Free Demo.

An ideal solution to automate your work-space environment

Track employee hours and attendance: The software help automate employee time attendance logging. It also features additional tools for quality assurance monitoring and reporting, including work with home or remote employees.

A flexible work environment: This application help you track and monitor employee hours from any remote location. If you are a manager, you can easily monitor productivity of remote employees. Telecommuters can add sick and vacation time, and see the status of other employees.

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Simplest and Automated way to manage your Digital Workforce

  • With XeDigital, Organizations can manage their employee’s rotational working days. For instance, you can record the working days and hours of an employee located on both day and night shift alternatively.
  • Flexible work environment
  • Regularization
  • Rotational/ Flexible Shifts Management
  • Selfie Attendance
  • Geo-Fencing Based Attendance
  • Automated Attendance Policies & Reporting
  • Half Days
  • Overtime
  • Late Attendance Marking
  • Calendar Holidays

Digital Workforce Management Software Benefits

  • Employee Profiles Management: The employee profile management system from allows you to save and examine all of the data about each employee, including their employment history. Our software ensures that employee profiles are synchronized across all important platforms because it is a consolidated workforce management solution. Add new employee profiles in bulk effortlessly and accurately.
  • Reliable work environment for the HR's: The HRMS by XeDigital assists in resolving the most difficult data gathering and storage task. With customized fields, our efficient software can be circulated to staff members within your firm to quickly gather accurate, pertinent data. In order to assure accuracy and prevent data duplication, it provides easy-to-complete templates for leaves and other data that may be used to collect information by letting the employees fill data in only the appropriate fields.
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Don’t Micro-Manage! Gamify Your Employee’s Time Tracking

With Attendance Management System, you can get rid of all the mundane math related to your organization. Time tracking plays a vital role in shaping your employee’s time habits. With AMS, you can set up different teams/departments as per your organizational requirements via a unified interface.

Admin/HR Dashboard View:

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vms features

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is a mobile-based attendance system that help users record employee’s attendance, record events, and then process these data automatically to payroll, timesheets, and event logs.
AMS is simplified into two applications, which run on a mobile device called XeDigital. The attendance application help employees to sign on and sign off from the work station. The management can access the information from their office computers or phones. The web-admin contains reports that can be downloaded into common formats such as excel workbook or pdf files.
By implementing an AMS software in your organization, you shall reduce your administrative cost by 20-30%. You need not pay employees who never attended their work place. You can cut down the cost and time spent on site by keeping the people on schedule at all times, with hourly report of activities.
ESS stands for Employee Self Service. It allows employees to access the software and make changes to their information, when needed. The employee can apply for leave directly via ESS feature and also view their leave history.
With the combination of thermal imaging technology and visible light imaging technology, our device will help detect faces using advance face recognition algorithm. A next-gen touchless attendance system based on facial recognition, Artificial Intelligence (AI) to capture and recognize the face of your employees.
Our software offers an unlimited number of employee check-in and check-out in a single day.
Get connected with our expert team to understand the pricing and features of our AMS software. You can also browse through the website to make a well-known decision.

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About Us, a SaaS-based platform enables you with workforce automation to manage your Visitor, Guests, Partner Employees, Lobby, & Reception digital identity. This is built with the DNA of Face-Recognition, AI & ML to automate self-check-in, Face being only identity, Touchless system & QR-enabled features. This enhances the user experience, and productivity securing the digital identity of users and also enhances Workforce Attendance & Productivity Management.

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