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VMS | Biggest Contribution of Visitor Management System to Offices

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VMS: Visitor Management System (VMS) is a software that helps companies to manage the entry/exit of visitors in their office premises. Visitors can self-check-in & check-out through facial recognition and machine learning. This enhances the overall experience of visitors and boosts overall security too. Keep reading this article till the end to know more about a VMS.

Visitor Management System VMS Services Gurgaon

A Visitor Management system is essentially one of the most important components of any organization’s security system. Likewise, it will also modernize your front desk in a digital way. Let’s check out some of the most important and incredible features of an advanced Visitor Management System. The integrity of your organization, the safety of the workers as well as the people presents inside it, your brand image, and your reputation; everything lies greatly upon your Visitor Management System.

1. Self-check-in process by a VMS

The self-check-in feature in a VMS is what makes it the most amazing software these days. A fully digital visitor management system (VMS) works with artificial intelligence and machine learning that allows visitors to do self-check-in and out with a tab on their own mobile phone. No visitor needs to touch any surface to write their details at the office reception. Likewise, it is also a risk-free system that has no chances of spreading viruses/infection.

2. Get notifications of your Guest Arrival with a VMS

Another feature of the Visitor Management system is that it sends notifications to the personnel present inside the organization that the visitor has come to see. Usually, the receptionist is responsible for sending a notification to the host person through a call or any other device. but a great Visitor Management System allows the sending of notifications via text messages or emails. In this way, the receiver can be notified about the guest’s arrival through a text message or email notification service.

3. Approval Based Entry

This is one of the biggest contributions of the Visitor Management System in gurgaon to Offices as it allows the host to approve or disapprove their guests’ entry. Suppose you are busy in an important meeting and a visitor comes to your workplace to meet you, then you can disapprove the entry with and a message will be sent to the guest. This message helps the visitor knowing that you won’t be able to meet them at the moment. This process does not require human intervention, and your visitor does not need to wait for hours to meet you at the reception area.

4. Analysis and Reports in a VMS

This unique feature is very important in terms of the contribution of a VMS in offices. The host or organizations needs to be updated with all the reports of their visitors. In this case, a VMS helps you to get all the analysis and reports of your visitors with just simple steps. In addition to this, you can import and export these reports whenever needed.

5. Badge printing in a VMS

A digital Visitor Management System offers visitor badge printing. This helps in a quick assessment of all the visitors in times of need. Similarly, the Visitor Management system will also be able to print Visitor badges instantly after the information is fed into the system.


A visitor management system is a unique way to manage the entry/exit of your visitors. The digital impression of your front-desk will definitely impress your guests/clients. So, without any delay get XeDigital now. It is a high-tech VMS that has advance and touchless features.

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