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Visitor Management System | How VMS can lead to a safer workplace

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The security requirements of organizations are challenging and growing rapidly. A company can provide its workers with a safe environment where they can optimize their day-to-day productivity only by prioritizing workplace safety. When we talk about safety then it is important to make your workplace safe first where numerous visitors come and go. But with a manual visitor management system, it is not possible to manage such safety. Want to know How Visitor Management Systems can lead to a safer workplace? Then read this article till the end.

As we all know, A manual visitor management system consists of a visitor logbook, which the visitor fills out on entering the office. The visitor needs to fill the details such as name, company name, date, time of sign-in, time of sign-out, and name of the host. After the sign-in process is completed, the visitor is handed over a badge with their credentials and the company’s logo on it.

Pros and Cons of Manual Visitor Management System

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of having a manual visitor management system at workplace.


  1. Minimum Training
  2. Low-Cost
  3. Minimal Overhead Expenses
  4. Alternate Uses
  5. Less Complicated


  1. Illegibility of handwriting
  2. Not-Confidential
  3. Time-consuming
  4. No Verification of Identity
  5. No Reporting

With this whole scenario of manual VMS the chances of spreading germs, viruses, and infections are very high. In this current COVID-19 situation it is very dangerous to take such risks. It’s like why use register and pens to manage entry/exit of your visitors when you can make your visitors check-in smartly with AI & facial Recognition! Isn’t it very easy, quick, and safe?

A smarter way to welcome visitors is in the market so why not use such technology to make your business more advance and modern. Although it’s not only about modernizing your premises it is really very important in terms of the safety and security concerns of your office. This is how a Visitor Management Systems can lead to a safer workplace.

And also to minimize the hectic paperwork you can use an automated visitor management system. Through a visitor management system, you can keep track of the visitors like your customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, government officers, guests, and sometimes completely unknown persons too. Likewise, for the safety and security of your organization, it is important to stop some of the visitors at the reception area, whereas some visitors would be allowed to access specific areas, offices, and labs in the building. Thus, switching to a digital visitor management system you can simply do all this work. It will enhance the security and at the same time will your hectic paperwork too.

How can a Visitor Management system help you?

The use of visitor management systems has been increased very high this year, and this rapid increase will not going to end. VMS can be used in organizations of all sizes. Whether it’s Visitor Management for schools, offices, or for small businesses, the goal of safety remains the same. Its time to process guests securely and efficiently at your workplace.

Some of the important points for using the Visitor Management System include:

  1. To get maximum control over the visitors trying to the workspace
  2. Customize check-in workflows
  3. Gain insights from detailed reporting
  4. Notify hosts instantly

Why Manual Visitor Management is not safe?

For decades, at the majority of lobbies or front desk entrances, the common first line of defense has been paper and pencil, in the form of a logbook also commonly referred to as the sign-in sheet.

But nowadays all these processes have been modernized. Now visitors are greeted with some level of gracious hospitality. However, due to coronavirus, the manual way of managing visitors is very risky. In 2020 many of the organizations have turned their manual visitor management system into new and advanced VMS.

XeDigital – Visitor Management System

Our XeDigital is a hi-tech software with advanced features and best practices that allow visitors to check-in/check-out in a contactless and touchless way. It is a fully digital system through which visitors/employees can self-check-in along with face detection and QR scanning.

This advanced visitor management system is equipped with the newest, and the latest features including Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition in which there is QR code-based individual digital ID in the XeDigital app that allows your visitors to check-in faster, you can get the real-time status of your visitors who are entering your office premises moreover facilities like Instant Notifications, Send and Receive Invitees or Approval Based Entry is available in it that will simplify your work and make your office digital.

By using our one of the best visitor management system -XeDigital you will be able to do

  1. Digital Check-in
  2. Manage Entry/Exit
  3. Host Notifications
  4. Analysis & Report
  5. Company Branding
  6. Badge Printing

Now you know everything about how you can secure your workplace so what are waiting for? just switch your traditional visitor management way to a modern and unique XeDigital management system.

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XeDigital is a SAAS-based software that enables you with advanced features that allow visitors to check-in and check out in a touchless way. This fully digital system works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through which guests can self-check-in along with face detection and QR-enabled code. It is a more intelligent way to greet guests at your workplace, school, office, hospital, and other locations.

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