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Visitor Management System: Top 5 Reasons Why VMS is Important

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Visitor Management System - Top 5 Reasons Why VMS is Important : Whatever the situation is Life must go on this fact is very true because after entering the unlocking phase of the pandemic, many of us begin to return to our normal activities. Some offices and malls are opening once again. Offices, Schools, Hospitals, and shopping centers need to implement a visitor management system to limit the number of people inside a building this will also help to make everyone feel safe and comfortable. If you want to know the importance of visitor management system read this article.

Waiting in the lobby area for the receptionist who signs you in using the pen and paper system is a very annoying process sometimes. Also maintaining the incomplete or inaccurate information of the visitors is hectic too. But, with a visitor management system, you don’t have to face such troubles because in a visitor management system self-check-in is available and also there is no need to maintain visitor records manually.

There are numerous benefits that you can get by using a visitor management system. Read this article till the end to know the Top 5 Reasons Why VMS is Important.

Self-check-in and check-out in a Visitor Management System

Self-check-in is an awesome feature of the visitor management system. That means a visitor can check-in and check-out with just a tap on their mobile phone. You can keep track of all your visitors like your customers, suppliers, colleagues, maintenance staff, government officers, guests, and sometimes completely unknown persons too by switching to a digital visitor management system.

A visitor management system allows:

  1. Customize Check-in workflows
  2. Gain Insights from Detailed Reporting
  3. Notify Hosts Instantly

Store your visitor data automatically in a Visitor Management System

Paper logs require every visitor to manually write their details which is quite time-consuming. By using a visitor management system you can centralize your guest performance in one place. It is very important to have a visitor management system at the workplace to ensure safety and security at all times during this COVID-19 crisis.

The visitor management system is a cloud-based management system that stores data on the cloud that means you don’t have to store your visitor’s data manually. You can store and retrieve your visitor’s data easily.

Improve Social Distancing Protocol with a Visitor Management System

In order to make the social distancing protocols even more efficient, some countries (such as Indonesia) apply restrictions, such as limiting the number of people in offices or shopping centers to 50% capacity. But this is impossible to do without visitor management software.

With a VMS, the office/mall manager can easily track the visitor numbers within the building. Likewise, for the safety and security of your organization, it is important to stop some of the visitors at the reception area, whereas some visitors would be allowed to access specific areas, offices, and labs in the building. Thus, by switching to a digital visitor management system you can simply do all this work. It will enhance the security and at the same time will your hectic paperwork too.

Effortless Reservations with a Visitor Management System

Nowadays to ensure public safety as well as to stop COVID-19 cases occurrence, visitor management is very essential to use. With this unique software, you can power up for an easy, smart & secure visitor experience and you can also modernize your front desk with the welcome that your guests deserve.

You can also send invites to your guests prior to their visit to your premises. Even the host can approve or disapprove the visitor entry with a customized message.

Automatic and Instant Notifications with Visitor Management System

Using visitor management software will reduce your hectic paperwork very easily. It allows them to send and receive instant notification for employees when their guests have arrived at the lobby. Moreover, the system able to send notifications through SMS.

The never-ending benefits of using visitor management systems involve Digital check-in of visitors, sending prior invites to guests, and badge printing that will help hosts to identify the distinct visitors efficiently.

Security Feature in a Visitor Management System

This feature is very important in a VMS – ensuring that your base is protected from unwanted intrusion. A good VMS enables you to define usage areas for visitors, guarantee safe check-in, and track blacklisted visitors. The visitor’s mobile number can be verified through a verification code and a return pass notification can be sent to verify the visitor’s exit.

So if you are looking to invest in a great VMS (visitor management system), take a look at the XeDigital, request a demo, and see how effective your visitors are managed.

Manage entry/exit

“Manage the entry and exit of your visitors through an application as the visitor’s checks in or out” It is an advanced feature to modernize your front desk innovatively. Through a digital visitor management system’s application, you can easily check or manage the entry/exit of your visitors through your mobile device.


The above mentioned points of Visitor Management System are the Top 5 Reasons Why VMS is Important nowadays. Also, in the new normal, obeying the safety protocols is the most important thing to do to avoid getting infected from the COVID-19 virus. Whatever your business maybe, if you deal with visitors you need a system in place that’s advanced, accurate, and time-efficient. Visitor management software is important for a business that treats clients, customers, or the public – put away the pen and paper, and pick up the software that will modernize your front desk as well as your business.

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