Visitor Management System: Latest Features of Digital VMS

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An important part of any organization is its environment and front desk and it’s really important to keep both of these things modernized and managed. To do so you can use a touchless VMS at your reception. With a digital visitor management system at your front desk, your visitors can check-in/out without waiting at the reception area. If you are looking to invest in a Visitor Management System in Gurgaon for your company to facilitate digital reception, then check out these latest features that a VMS. As we all know because of the global pandemic of COVID-19, the security requirements of large organizations and infrastructure are growing increasingly.

Likewise, the manual entry of the visitors is very hectic sometimes. So, this old-style entry of visitors should be replaced with an automated visitor management system. Many of organizations have adopted this advanced technology for managing and welcoming visitors at their offices or workplaces. Keep reading this article till the end to know the latest features of the digital visitor management system.

Top features of Visitor Management System

By replacing the manual visitor check-in process with a visitor management software can do wonders to your office. Furthermore, it will also provide a better visitor entry experience.

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A visitor management system must consist of the following core features:

Touchless Check-In & Check-out in a Visitor Management System

“QR code-based and digital check-in of visitors, reducing the hectic paperwork”.

With this fully digital service, your visitors can self-check-in through their a tap on their mobile. Likewise, they don’t have to enter details manually in the entry register. In VMS self-check-in along with face detection and QR Scanning for unlimited visitors is available through which you can welcome your visitors in a touchless way.

Real-Time Access Control with Visitor Management System

“Get the real-time status of your visitors who are entering your office premises” Make the process of check-in shift from messy paperwork to an organized digital framework through the Visitor Management System that allows real-time access control of visitors. Archived data about visitors can be monitored and managed through real-time dashboards. Users can always access the visitor dashboard panel and attend for complete details of each guest. The visitor management system should seamlessly integrate with watchlists and access control to improve security.

Send and Receive Message in Visitor Management System

“Visitors would receive an OTP with an invitation through messages” These features allow you to send and receive invites to your visitors. If you want to greet visitors with a customized message then you can simply do it with a digital visitor management system as it allows you to send or receive customized messages.

Host Notifications in Visitor Management System

“Automatically notify your employees when their visitors arrive. Send host notifications via SMS”.

The host receives a notification every time their guest check’s in, this will skip the waiting time for both the Host and the Visitor.

A good visitor management system directly informs the host about visitor arrival. When the guest signs in, the software send automated notifications via email, SMS, and push alert to notify the host. Likewise, the host/employee can respond by sending a message to the system to update the visitor if there will be a delay or proceed to meet the guest immediately.

In this way, the platform facilitates direct communication between host and visitor and reduces waiting time for guests. This can help boost the company’s image because visitors will understand that it cares about their time and comfort.

Approval Based Entry

“Host can either approve or reject a visitor with a custom message” Instead of providing and using a paper visitor book, it is better to start using an effective digital visitor management system to provide an accurate list or information of individuals going in and out of the building. Moreover, through approval-based entry at the workplace, you can either approve or disapprove your visitor entry.

Manage entry/exit

“Manage the entry and exit of your visitors through an application as the visitor’s checks in or out” It is an advanced feature to modernize your front desk innovatively. Through a digital visitor management system’s application, you can easily check or manage the entry/exit of your visitors through your mobile device.

Analysis & Report

“Analyze the visitors every month & monitor customer patterns. These reports can be exported”

Guest management or Visitor Management System with fully digital services allows you to analyze your visitor’s reports every month through which you will be able to derive insights about the footfall recorded every month or can monitor customer patterns too. Along with this all of your visitors/guest’s reports can be imported/ exported whenever needed.

Company Branding

“ Add your brand logo to the app & website homepage. Greet visitors with a customized message”

One of the core features of a digital and touchless visitor management system is company branding and this unique feature allows you to add your brand logo to the VMS app and the website homepage to greet every visitor pleasantly with a customized message.

Badge Printing

“ This will help hosts to identify the distinct visitors efficiently and also helps to guide them without any confusion”

The badge printing feature of a VMS helps the host to identify their visitor easily. Through badge printing, everyone in the organization will aware of guest availability in the organization. A visitor management system also helps in modernizing the way of welcoming visitors and it will also enhance the security of the premises.

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XeDigital is a touchless Visitor Management System with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Facial Recognition integration to manage the entry and exit of your visitors.

This high-tech software is a proficient yet reasonable visitor management software that can help in improving your firm’s front desk as well as welcoming every guest in a unique way. Switch your traditional visitor management of welcoming visitors to a modern and unique visitor management system that will enhance your visitor experience as well as digitalize your workplace in an effective and efficient manner.

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