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Visitor Management System in Gurgaon | Contactless Check-in and Check-out

viztor management system in gurgaon

Visitor Management System in Gurgaon: A VMS (visitor management system) is one of the best ways in which you can check-in and out with just a single tab on your mobile. In 2020 it is necessary to keep social distancing and avoid touching surfaces. Also, during this COVID-19 times, a VMS plays an important role because it helps to eliminate the risk of infection. Read this below article to end to know how VMS can be used for contactless check-in and check-out.

Contactless check-in and check-out with a visitor management system

Most of the offices, schools, and other workplaces have been opened with safety as their main concern. In this epidemic, a VMS acted as a blessing for every organization. Similarly, a VMS allows touchless check-in and check-out, approval-based entry, badge printing, and much more.

How a visitor management system is useful during covid-19?

Visitor Management before COVID-19 was distinct from what it is now. In pre-COVID times, businesses could use Systems that offered biometric registration of visitors or staff, but in the post-COVID world, it is no longer advised to use this technology.

To put together Visitor Management, the first and foremost requirement for businesses is to use a Hi-Tech Visitor Management System. This complete system allows businesses to comply with the safety protocols in terms of safety from the spread of COVID-19 and also from regular safety requirements of employees in the business premises.

Top benefits of having a visitor management system at the workplace

To help businesses make the right choice with a visitor management system at their workplace, here is a list of top benefits that can be considered as benefits of having a VMS at workplaces.

  1. Contactless entry
  2. Only approved visitors enter the office premises
  3. Crowd Management with the quick check-in process
  4. To get maximum control over the visitors trying to the workspace
  5. Customize check-in workflows
  6. Gain insights from detailed reporting
  7. Notify hosts instantly

Digital Visitor Management System: XeDigital

XeDigital is a hi-tech software with advanced features and best practices that allow visitors to check-in/check-out in a contactless and touchless way. It is a fully digital system through which visitors/employees can self-check-in along with face detection and QR scanning.

Product Features of XeDigital
  1. Touchless Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition: QR code-based and digital check-in of visitors reducing the hectic paperwork.
  2. Real-Time Access Control: Get the real-time status of your visitors who are entering your office premises.
  3. OTP Verification of Visitors: Visitors would receive an OTP with an invitation through messages.
  4. Host Notifications: Automatically notify your employees when their visitors arrive. Send host notifications via SMS.
  5. Approval Based Entry: The host can either approve or disapprove a visitor with a custom message.
  6. Analysis & Report: Analyse visitors every month & monitor customer patterns. These reports can be exported.
  7. Company Branding: Add your brand logo to the app & website homepage. Greet visitors with a customized message.
  8. Badge Printing: XeDigital allows you to print visitor badges instantly. As the visitor enters their details, XeDigital will input all the information and print visitor badges This will help hosts to identify the particular visitors easily and also helps to manage them without any confusion.
  9. XeDigital Mobile App & Web Version: Manage the entry and exit of your visitors either with the XeDigital or web check-in.
  10. Pre-Approval Based Entry: The host can approve their visitor’s entry before their guest enters the company premises.
  11. Social Login: Our visitor management software is integrated with google which allows hosts to log-in through their Google(G-mail) account.
  12. Employee Registration and Login: The company employees are required to register themselves for the first time and after that, they can log-in easily to approve or disapprove their visitor’s entry.

Get your own Digital Receptionist XeDigital

Manage your guest’s entry/exit easily with our advanced VMS. Our high-tech VMS XeDigital is a very handy tool for premises and it is mobile-friendly as well as pocket friendly too. You can also add your brand logo to our XeDigital to make your entrance more attractive.

XeDigital is very cost-effective and simple to operate the product to help you manage your visitors. It can be easily used in offices, salons, schools, co-working, hotels, events, societies, hospitals, hostels, and factories.

For expert consultation & product demo with our technical team, connect with us at 9319189554 or visit XeDigital


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XeDigital is a SAAS-based software that enables you with advanced features that allow visitors to check-in and check out in a touchless way. This fully digital system works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through which guests can self-check-in along with face detection and QR-enabled code. It is a more intelligent way to greet guests at your workplace, school, office, hospital, and other locations.

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