Top Industries That Can Benefit Most From Visitor Management Systems


XeDigital can deliver many benefits to a business, from assuring the security of the workplace, streamlining front-desk operations, to providing customers with a positive first impression of your business. With the current COVID-19 global pandemic, XeDigital play an even more vital role as they can also help screen visitors and substitute as a contact tracing tool, which is essential for organizations in different industries.

Below, we’ll go through four industries that can benefit most from a VMS and how they can help enhance, secure, and protect your organization from any obvious threats.

Hotels & Restaurants

The front desk of hotels can be an extremely occupied place. There is a constant flow of customers, vendors, and employees, making it challenging for receptionists to help customers while maintaining the security of your hotel and social distancing guidelines.

Thankfully, a XeDigital VMS can help with both activities. Our VMS can multiply as a customer-in-out board. This way, customers and employees can quickly check themselves in-and-out of the building, allowing receptionists to concentrate on giving customers the best experience. A hotel VMS can also allow self-checking in not only streamlines the process for both the visitor and receptionist, but it can also create a better user experience, as more consumers want to interact with companies on their own terms. A survey shows that 66% of customers prefer self-service over traditional communication with the receptionist.

As for restaurants, restaurant receptionists usually need to deal with an influx of guests through peak hours. Instead of juggling business people and guests, restaurants can have a self-check-in XeDigital visitor management system. Not only does this pass long queues, but it allows the receptionist to focus on greeting and attending to customers instead of registering booking times.

A XeDigital VMS can help promote your organization’s front-line support, improve front-desk staff productivity, double as a customer in-out board, and give positive first-impressions for all guests.


How often do you visit salons? Most of you would respond, frequently. But have you realized how much time it wastes in booking appointments, enrolling, and waiting for your turn? Imagine, you’ve scheduled an appointment with your desired salon to get a haircut. The first thought that comes to mind is to wait until your turn comes. After several minutes of the long wait, your turn comes and you ultimately get a haircut.

Then, at the time of payment, many of the salons ask you to submit your feedback so that they can move on with or enhance their service.

As a fully-digitized system, Vizitors streamlines the check-in process in just a few taps on the screen. You can contact your customers by sending them promotional messages or interesting deals available at your salon through Vizitors application. Help in making your salon stand out.

Universities and Schools

Security serves as one of the most crucial aspects when it comes to keeping the university campus secured from concealed threats. It benefits in providing a safe and secure environment for students, staff, visitors, and assures that the university is a delightful place to study, work, and visit. Even a parent or guardian of a child would want a safe and secure place to study. To have safe and secure premises, every university needs to make sure that it has a strong visitor management system in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon so that the students, staff, employees, and parents visiting the university needn’t bother about filing manually.

Vizitors is a unique visitor management software and check-in application that not only advances up the check-in process but also provides a fresh look to your front desk. It stands as a diversity to the usual hectic process of entering details manually in the register to visit someone. Vizitors can track various types of people such as parents, students, volunteers, and others who come into the university’s gate or admin office. It also provides a more reliable environment for the universities as it collects all the visitor’s data in a secure admin portal.

Corporate Office Buildings

Advancing from a paper logbook to a digital VMS can help defend your organization from intruders. The visitor management system works as the first line of defense, observing staff members, confidential documents, and intellectual property from unapproved guests.

If your business wants to remain unrestricted during the COVID-19 global pandemic, the visitor management system can also be adopted as a screening tool to find out about a visitor’s recent travel, the current status of health, or even concerning social distancing. The system allows you to specify the necessary information to determine if a visitor is a health risk to your business. Your staff members can be informed if a high-risk individual is entering your workplace and offer alternative arrangements.

Did you know it takes only seven seconds for your guests to make a first impression of your business? With a visitor management system, not only can you simplify the sign-in method, but there are significantly limited wait times for guests. Front desk staff are also notified instantly when guests sign in.

If you’re concerned about new data privacy statutes, you’d be happy to know that all the data that visitors register into the system is saved digitally, so you don’t have to maintain and store paper records. It’s also simple to export data, which helps with the reporting process.

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