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Go Paperless with XeDigital: Is your organization still managing all their visitor’s records manually? Did those paper logs mess up your flow and visitor records? Or how about if you can get rid of these hectic manual visitor management processes? Whatever the case, the following article will help get you in the right headspace.

In this modern era, no one has enough time and patience to manage visitor records manually. And if anyone is still using this method then he is probably living under a rock. As we have seen nowadays, nearly all corporate organizations and businesses are adopting the latest ways of managing their visitors in workplace. In this situation a visitor management software/app is also very important tool for modernizing and managing visitors.

Moreover, a digital visitor management system is now become the need of the day because of the current situation of COVID-19. To keep a record of the people entering in & out of the premises have adopted this latest technology of welcoming their vizitors. Also, this system is very crucial for the places with a large number of visitors. It helps the visitors to check-in smartly without waiting for their number in the reception area.

Go Paperless with XeDigital: Digital Technology Importance in Business

By using digital technology you can not even modernize your workplace but it can also be beneficial in numerous ways. Let’s discuss how.

By using a Digital technology in your organization or other places like hospitals, schools, etc., can help in improving communication, social networking and customer experience. Furthermore, most of the successful enterprises are welcoming the newest technology to create digital workplaces that improve business cohesion.

Reduce the Need for a Receptionist by going Paperless with XeDigital

A visitor management system is a digital software that can handle a huge amount of guests in a range. A visitor management system helps in getting the real-time status of your visitors who are entering your office premises. Instead of the time taken to write the details on all columns of the visitor logbook, you can use the digital visitor management system. Through digital VMS you can speed up the entire process very efficiently.

Our high-tech visitor management system is a cloud-based management system that saves data on the cloud. Nowadays to keep yourself and your clients safe on the premises, the visitor management system is really important. Furthermore, it is a comprehensive strategy because you can get the required details of guests even after years.

Go Paperless with Digital Visitor Management System

XeDigital is a touchless Visitor Management System with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Facial Recognition integration to manage the entry and exit of your visitors. With this advanced visitor management system, you don’t have to manage paper logs of your visitor’s records. And the visitors will also need not to write their details manually on any register or tablet.

The following are the features of the Visitor Management System in Gurgaon:

  1. Touchless Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition: Visitors can self-check-in without entering any details manually. There are a QR code-based and digital check-in process for visitors which reduces the hectic paperwork.
  2. Real-Time Access Control: You can get the real-time status of the visitors that are entering your office premises.
  3. Send and Receive Invitees: Your visitors will receive an OTP along with an invitation through messages.
  4. Host Notifications: Our visitor management system automatically notifies the employees whenever their visitors arrive at the workplace. It sends host notifications through SMS.
  5. Approval Based Entry: The host can either approve or reject a visitor with a custom message.
  6. Manage entry/exit: Manage the entry and exit of your visitors through the visitor’s check-in and out through the visitor app.
  7. Analysis & Report: Analyze visitors every month and monitor customer patterns. These reports can be exported.
  8. Company Branding: Add your brand logo to the app and website homepage. Greet visitors with a customized message.
  9. Badge Printing: Print your employee and guest badges to identify them accurately for enhancing your workplace security.

Benefits of Going paperless with XeDigital

By replacing the manual visitor check-in process with a high-tech VMS can do wonders for your office. More importantly, it provides a better visitor registration experience for your visitors. Digital systems enhance office security and make the visitor management process even more seamless.

The following are the benefits of going paperless with our advanced visitor management system “ XeDigital”:

  1. Access data anywhere
  2. Digital check-in / check-out
  3. Check-in via AI & facial recognition
  4. Provides a safe working Environment
  5. Get host notifications
  6. Reduces costs
  7. Enhances workplace productivity

This advanced XeDigital software in Delhi NCR is equipped with the latest features including Check-In & Check-out with Facial Recognition. It includes a QR code-based individual digital ID in its software that allows your visitors to check-in faster.

With a VMS at your place you can get real-time status of your visitors. Additional features of VMS include instant notifications, send and receive customized message and many more. This will also result in a good reputation for your organization with no compromise on security.

A paperless management system reduces storage costs. There is no need to use valuable floor space for storing paper. A visitor is a digital management system that eliminates a paper-based system and converts it into a digital system.

In a manual system, there is no protection of your data. But with digital systems, you can secure your data in many places is easy and cheap. It is even easier to retrieve data that has no impact on the continuity of the business.

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