XeDigital VMS Pricing Options

₹ 1999/Month
  • 500 visitors per month
₹ 4999/Month
  • 1000 visitors per month
₹ 1,19,999 Yearly
  • Unlimited Visitors per month

Why Choose XeDigital?

XeDigital is the best visitor management system in India that works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through which visitors/guests can self-check-in along with face detection and QR-enabled code.

Following are the reasons that make XeDigital the best visitor management software services in delhi ncr.

  • A Feature-Rich Platform: With XeDigital, our main focus is to reduce hectic paperwork and provide touchless checks- for visitors.
  • A Highly Customizable Solution: XeDigital, top visitor management services Gurgaon is developed to suit varied workflows offering a high degree of adaptability. It allows you to manage contactless entry/ exit, badge printing, host notification, company branding, etc.
  • Leaders in Corporate Landscape: XeDigital is catering to the needs of leading multi-office enterprises, high-security manufacturing units, multi-tenant facilities, educational institutions, trusted to manage scale.
  • Best-in-Class Support: We provide best-in-class support so that you won’t have to face trouble at your front desk. This high-tech guest management software is an efficient and affordable visitor management system that can assist in enhancing your company's front desk as well as greeting each visitor in a unique manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

digital identity management system
Visitors can check-in with the help of their mobile phone by simply scanning a QR code or through face recognition feature on their mobile itself without touching any other device.
With XeDigital.ai, you can check-in/check-out an unlimited number of visitors in a single day.
Yes, with XeDigital.ai you can send a pre-registration form to your guests to streamline and fasten their check-in process.
Yes, XeDigital.ai provides you with detailed realtime reports about your visitors including their visitor log, stay duration, whom they met, etc.
Yes, visitors can be tracked by authorized personnel when a badge or QR code is scanned to determine if the visitor is still inside your premises or not.
Yes, with XeDigital.ai you can capture visitor photos along with their ID as well.
No, if a visitor has registered once they can retrieve their profile by simply providing their mobile number and email id.

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About Us

XeDigital is a SAAS-based software that enables you with advanced features that allow visitors to check-in and check out in a touchless way. This fully digital system works with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning through which guests can self-check-in along with face detection and QR-enabled code. It is a more intelligent way to greet guests at your workplace, school, office, hospital, and other locations.

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